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For Your Protection...

... you have been brought to this page instead of the page requested, as the link you clicked was used as part of a spam-based attempt to either scam you or infect your computer with a virus or trojan.

If you came here from a link in an email, we didn't send it - we've just protected you from this threat.

ShrinkThisLink is a free service, intended to make sharing links easier - but unfortunately, every now and again, a spammer will abuse our service to hide the address of the website they really want you to visit.

What Now?

Help Us Help You

ShrinkThisLink is a free service. We've just helped you, by saving you from a spam-borne threat - so why not help us? Donations of any amount will be gratefully received, and will go towards the running and improvement of the site.
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Still confused?

Check out the main site or our help page for more information.

Think it wasn't spam?

If you're pretty sure the link you clicked wasn't part of a scam or otherwise spam-related, please with the details (make sure to say which link it is), and we'll investigate.