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ShrinkThisLink Helpers / Tools


ShrinkThisLink FireFox extension

Shrink links in pages, whether they're actual links or just URLs in the text, or shrink a link to the page you're on!

The ShrinkThisLink Link Shrinker FireFox extension also allows easy access to your My ShrunkLinks page (if you're a registered user) no matter what website you're on, as well as providing some other advanced features not found in any other helper.

ShrinkThisLink Ubiquity command

With Ubiquity, you tell your browser what you want it to do - so now, if you're typing an email, forum post, blog post (or anything, really), you can paste in a link, select it, call up Ubiquity and simply type "shrink" and hit enter - and Ubiquity will do the shrinking for you!

To get set up, once you've installed Ubiquity, come back to the ShrinkThisLink site, and you should see a bar across the top of the page, asking if you'd like to subscribe to the command. Click the "subscribe" button and follow the instructions, and you'll be done in no time.

Internet Explorer

ShrinkThisLink Google Toolbar button (requires Google Toolbar v4 Beta or higher)

Shrink links at the click of a button!

ShrinkThisLink Internet Explorer Addon

If you wished you could have even some of the power of the ShrinkThisLink Firefox extension in Internet Explorer, now you can! Almost as easy to install as the FireFox extension (just download and run the installer), the IE addon provides some of the same features, too.

ShrinkThisLink Bookmarklet

The ShrinkThisLink bookmarklet can be used in all modern browsers. Simply drag the link above onto your bookmarks toolbar (if your browser has one), or right-click it and add it to your bookmarks/favourites. Then just click on it, and it'll shrink the page you're looking at!